Sousa Mission

One of my favorite missions this year has been going from school to school reaching out to staff and finding the teachers, students and even students families that could benefit from a little extra help or support. I went to Sousa Elementary and talked with the amazing staff there and they graciously took their time to get together and nominate a couple kids they thought would be hugely impacted by a little extra love and encouragement. These boys were so sweet and our goal was to show them there is a whole group of people through that care for them and wanted to make them feel extra special! One of the boys was a 2nd grader named Jacob, who is raised by a wonderful Grandma, and really wanted some fun things to do over summer, so we surprised him with a summer of swim lessons and karate classes, and also a giant Minecraft Lego set to hopefully keep him busy for an extra few hrs! 🙂Also, Barros Pizza joined this mission and donated a gift card so they could have a worry free night out for dinner! I still keep in touch with his Grandma and he’s is absolutely loving both!! We also met an awesome 5th grader named Brian. We met him in the office and once he realized he wasn’t in trouble (normally meeting teachers and principals in the office, isn’t a great thing 😁) he quickly warmed up and we presented him with a bmx bike, bike lock, helmet, and a giant Minecraft set! Seeing the smiles on the boy’s faces and both of their teachers and staff that care so much about them, surrounding them with love, was truly amazing!!

Looking forward to this next school year beginning and continuing these missions! We are so grateful for everyone who is a part of Also, a special thanks to Barros Pizza for their donation.