Mary’s House


PART 1: August 19th, 2017

We are in the process of overhauling a humble home in Phoenix for an elderly lady named Mary.  Mary has spent her entire life caring for her Daughter which had Lupus and recently passed away.  Before she passed she was aware of our plans to do something special for her mother’s home and was very thankful.  Here is a picture of Mary’s home before we started late last week:

We assembled a handful of contractors, all of which have donated their time and resources with no compensation to help put this mission together.  It is amazing to see how people come together when asked to do something completely selfless, for God’s glory and for someone in need.  This first of which was Vega Stucco & Plastering, Andreas and his crew reconstructed the decaying foundation and wall structure before re-stuccoing the entire house.

Next up is Ron Sargent with Best All Around Roofing.  Ron stopped by this morning to measure for flashing that needs to be installed before the exterior gets painted.  When up on the roof to measure, he decided he would like to re-coat the entire roof and re-seal the parapets for Mary.  Thanks Ron!  To Be Continued…. we will send another update (PART 2) end of next week.

Thanks again to everyone involved with Step7Living, we are able to make immeasurable differences within our community and for God’s Kingdom.  Please help us spread the word and forward these updates to any and all you think may want join us in our movement.

God Bless!

We have team up with the following local services to help ovehaul Mary’s home, as well as many others to come as we move to do more within our community.

Stucco Repair Vega Stucco & Plastering
Roofing Best All Around Roofing
Exterior Painting
HVAC Mechanical Tune-Up


Landscaping (labor) Desert Horizon Nursery
Landscaping (trees, plants, etc.) Desert Horizon Nursery
Synthetic lawn


We are looking for partners to join us on this mission who can contribute their time, material, resources, influence and connections to fill the services we need above  Please reach out to your Step 7 contact or call Bryan @ 602-339-5014.