Flying high with Mighty Jake!

Flying high with Mighty Jake!

On Tuesday (8/29), we got the privilege of meeting the famous Mighty Jake, (Jacob) who turned 15 years old on Monday and was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Mitochondrial disease (Kearns Sayre Syndrome) when he was 10. Many people know his amazing story from the news, when he asked for birthday cards for his birthday! Well, as of Tuesday, he said he had at least 60,000!! So exciting! To add to his 15th birthday, we had an amazing pilot, Kurt, donate his time and helicopter and take Jacob, his mom Britney, (and since there were 4 seats, Jacob asked if I would join in 🙂) and did an amazing tour up the Salt River, over Saguaro Lake, Weavers Needle, and over the Superstion Mountains.

Jeani, Jacob, and Bryan co-pilot! Jacob and his mom Bryan getting some of the action.

I can’t explain to you the joy Jacob brought to us when we talked to him and on the entire flight. Even though he probably had no energy, he exuded more happiness than I can explain. He was constantly joking and had a grin from ear to ear the entire time! I couldn’t stop thinking about his mom Britney, and what all their family has gone through watching their son struggle through this debilitating disease and have zero control. We are so grateful for Kurt giving his valuable time to take us all on an incredible ride. I know we will always keep this memory with us forever and will continue to remember Jacob and the incredible kid that he is and his amazing family.

Again, thanks so much for everyone that is a part of Step 7 Living. We appreciate each and every one of you!