Nelly – Renewed Hope Worship Center

For the past few months, everyone involved in the men’s group we host at our house every Thursday morning, have gotten together to plan some new and exciting missions, and this past Sunday we got to watch an incredible one take place! Doc Issac is a pastor at Renewed Hope Worship Center and we got to watch a great sermon by him and then meet a young lady named Nelly, who has the sweetest 11 month old son, and has just had some tough times recently, but is determined to do better for herself and her son and has recently even gotten 2 jobs! The problem was, she didn’t have a way to get there, so she has been walking. The group decided to get her a bike with a baby seat on back (helmets and bike lock of course 🙂) and a $100 Walmart gift card to help with groceries. It was amazing to see everyone a part of the men’s group and their wives all there to surprise her and show support for all the hard work she has put in. We are so proud of Nellie and can’t wait to see her journey and all she is able to accomplish!